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Captain Zack and His Trip to the Moon

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Captain Zack was a man most misunderstood. They called him strange, but he had a dream that he thought was quite good.

Zack would not sit idly watching T.V. and he refused to daydream under a tree.

He didn’t have time to sit around sad, so he worked up a plan that made him most glad

Zack was not different from you… or from me, he also had dreams and a reason to be.

Zack’s plan couldn’t wait. No, not one more day. He’d build a rocket and he’d build it right a way.

So with a box and some glue and the string from his shoe, he worked on a plan to fly to the moon.

Then with his ship and its parts all in place Zack charted a plan for his trip to space.

Where would he go? To the sun or Neptune? No that didn’t feel right, he’d shoot for the moon.

Soon it was time for the final count down and Zack was surprised when his friends gathered round.

Good luck! Good luck! They’d happily say, Zack smiled for he felt a little less strange that day.

And so it was with a nod and a wave, he said goodbye to Brook, Bill and Dave. Then he stretched, his arm, leg and hip and strange captain Zack climbed into his ship.

With his seat buckled tight, a helmet on his head and gloves on his hand… Zack sat quiet as the countdown began.

First ten through six, then 5-4-3-2 and 1, and that old rocket shot off like a gun.

Up, up he went with the clouds all around. He got nervous a bit and said goodbye to the ground.

In space he traveled for more than an hour and soon he discovered a meteor shower.

“Oh, no!” said Zack, for he was certain that ship was now under attack.

Then 1-2-3 holes in the side of his ship, his eyes teared up and started to drip.

Without his ship he soon floated in space, but instead of a frown, Zack put a smile on his face.

Though he had not land on the Neptune or Mars… because of his courage captain Zack was among the stars.

So, if one day you fail and end up like Zack, remember the only thing worse is no plan of attack.

So dream now, dream big wherever you are and the worst that can happen… you’ll be among the stars.

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Copyright Author Brett Armstrong 2014


The Compass – Sample

forest_another_simpletruth_inspirationalshortstories_thecompassGuarded by rolling hills and majestic trees of the old country, a small village sat undisturbed in a beautiful valley. The village of Lexington was nestled snugly by a blanket of trees that towered majestically above. The long flowing branches wove in and out, creating a giant umbrella above the people who busily scampered about.

The greenery of the trees was in fact so thick that the village could not be seen even from the highest tower of the king’s castle to the South, nor could the people of Lexington see the sky and the wonders beyond the borders of their home.

Though it was part of a great kingdom, the pleasant little village often went unnoticed. You see, the people of Lexington weren’t like the rest of the kingdom, with fancy cottages and expensive carriages. Their cottages were plain, not dirty, but quaint and simple.

Every cottage in the village looked alike, every cottage that is but one. Located high atop a hill on the northern most edge of the land stood a majestic white structure. Each day the grand mansion stood high atop the hill overlooking the villagers below. The home was rumored to belong to a servant who had found good favor with the king, though one knew for sure, and neither did they ask. The brilliant white dwelling sat on the outer most edge of the village border and was therefore considered too far and too dangerous for the people of Lexington to visit.

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