forest_another_simpletruth_inspirationalshortstories_thecompassGuarded by rolling hills and majestic trees of the old country, a small village sat undisturbed in a beautiful valley. The village of Lexington was nestled snugly by a blanket of trees that towered majestically above. The long flowing branches wove in and out, creating a giant umbrella above the people who busily scampered about.

The greenery of the trees was in fact so thick that the village could not be seen even from the highest tower of the king’s castle to the South, nor could the people of Lexington see the sky and the wonders beyond the borders of their home.

Though it was part of a great kingdom, the pleasant little village often went unnoticed. You see, the people of Lexington weren’t like the rest of the kingdom, with fancy cottages and expensive carriages. Their cottages were plain, not dirty, but quaint and simple.

Every cottage in the village looked alike, every cottage that is but one. Located high atop a hill on the northern most edge of the land stood a majestic white structure. Each day the grand mansion stood high atop the hill overlooking the villagers below. The home was rumored to belong to a servant who had found good favor with the king, though one knew for sure, and neither did they ask. The brilliant white dwelling sat on the outer most edge of the village border and was therefore considered too far and too dangerous for the people of Lexington to visit.

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